Morwenna Spencer From March to May 2018, a Latin Link Spring Step team of 9 went to Tragna-Boroa near Temuco city in Chile to help with the reconstruction of a church building in the countryside. We did this under the instruction and care of German Maripil, our incredible maestro, leader of the church, and best friend, and with the help of other builders Chelo, Robin, and Isaac, once strangers but by the end, brothers, who had all given up their time to work on the project. Ruth and Benja Curin organised our time and even kindly had 2 of us stay with them every week to do our food shop!

It was an amazing project; pulling down the old building, making the concrete foundations and then constructing the new building. The people there were the kindest in the world - we were so blessed by them and the children at the school on site too. You can read more about the project on our blogs which can be found on the Latin Link website under Step Team Reports.

Although the team worked super hard for two months, May arrived, and it was time for us to move on to the next Step project in Argentina. There are still a few tasks left to complete the inside of the building but no funds to purchase the materials for this.

We aim to fundraise money so that German can purchase these items to finish the church in his own free time:

-Material to make windows
-Some remaining electric work
-Iron profile
-Lamps for lighting

Any donations are warmly received and we are so grateful.
Thank you so much for your time, support, and blessings.

Love, The Step Team 2018 xxx
German Maripil
Grace Walford
Ben Harley-Mason
Alice Rushbrook
Hannah Brand
Nathanael Brombley
Libby Bodell
Eleanor Hitchings
Ellie Parnham
Morwenna Spencer Morwenna Spencer