60km Southern Cone Trek

Because of COVID-19, the communities in which Southern Cone team members serve are experiencing severe health and economic impacts. A large proportion of people live hand-to-mouth and rely on daily income. Lockdown prevents them from working and earning, and many are now struggling to afford basic food supplies.

Before Lockdown, my plan for the months of April and May was to visit all the members of the Southern Cone Team, including retired Latin Link members and Stride candidates. This would have involved a round trip of 5772km (Salta - San Francisco - La Plata - Mar Del Plata - Temuco - and back to Salta!).

In response to the needs of many Argentine and Chilean communities, I'll be raising money by walking around one percent of that route (60km). 

The money will be used to distribute food parcels to the families and individuals worst affected. A food parcel costs around £10, and we hope to raise enough money for each Southern Cone team member to give out 10 parcels or more in their local community.

Are you able to sponsor this trek and help us meet the goal? Anything you can afford will make a big difference.

Thank you!


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