Hello All,
At the beginning of the New Year I will be running a half marathon each day for 6 days.
I am raising money for my work in Bogota, Colombia for when I move out there next year. I am going out with the Christian charity Latin Link on a two year Stride placement. My role will be helping and supporting workers at a before and after school club for children in a deprived area. To care of them by: helping with homework, having fun and teaching. For me if one child feels loved and knows they are special, it will be worth it. I will also be able to disciple older girls: walking alongside them and helping them explore and understand faith and the bible and what it means for them.
My fundraising challenge is to run a half marathon each day for six days, starting on the first of January to the sixth of January. I will be doing each one at a different location, to make it a little harder and a little more interesting. (This isn’t going to be a timed challenge)
Your donation will help me help the children in a desperately poor neighbour of Bogota.
Thank-you for your help.

Rachael Sirl