Rachel Tolhurst This October, I am flying out to Bogotá (Colombia) to begin my placement with Latin Link. I will be working in a 'comedor' running homework clubs, games, hopefully music classes and working with the mums and parents at the weekend.

Now for the God bit...
This journey began when I was 12 years old. I was reading my Bible in bed and God clearly gave me the country 'Colombia'. At the time I had no idea where it was! I prayed for the country and carefully locked the idea away. Then, when I was 18 and on my gap year, I was at a World Church service at church and God, again, clearly spoke to me and gave me the number '5' linked with Colombia. I was about to go to university so panicked that I'd made the wrong decision! However, God was (is) good, I locked the idea away and felt at peace that now still wasn't the time.
One morning in January this year (2018), I woke up and could think of nothing else, other than Colombia. This continued everyday, and I couldn't get the idea out of my head. I then realised that this September will be 5 years since I received the number 5 from God. It felt completely like the right thing to do. I looked into what work/volunteering was available, and have reached the point where I am now! I am terrified, excited, and 100% at peace about this decision. God has been so good so far and I know that he will continue to be!

At the moment, my plan is to go for 9 months, but who knows what God has in store... Rachel Tolhurst