319km Lima to La Florida Expedition

This summer, St Thomas with St Stephen's was expecting to be sending their sixth Step team to work with Vida Nueva church in La Florida, Peru (a region of the Canete province south of Lima). Because of one thing and another, we had to cancel our trip. Instead, a group of 10 of us are embarking on an Indoor Expedition to cover the distance from the airport in Lima to La Florida during the month of September. Our group is a mixture of past Step Team members and those who were due to go this year. 

La Florida, PeruThe money that we raise will go towards the church project Proyecto Vida Nueva Peru (New Life Peru Project). Since COVID-19 arrived in Peru, the country has experienced a strict quarantine. As a result, a large number of people in La Florida have been unable to work or earn a living; many aren't even able to afford basic food, medical supplies or hygiene products.

The church project has been supporting local families as best they can. One way they're doing so is by serving food to over 100 children, teenagers and older members of the community, three times a week. However, in order to maintain this service throughout difficult economic circumstances, the project needs financial support.

Can you help by sponsoring our trek? Any amount you can give will make a huge difference.

Thank you
Rachel, Eunice, Terry, Camilla, Anya, Robert, Sue, Joy, Tom, Anna and Hanna

Expedition progress

We've already completed a combined 300.49 km. Thanks for all your support so far!

Here are some of the team in action!


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