Latin Link is an international 'community with a calling' to love and serve God and our neighbour, through multidirectional mission work. The community includes over 140 members (mission workers) from around 20 nations, serving in 15 country teams across Latin America and Europe.

The Britain and Ireland Country Team is one part of this community, sending and receiving individuals, couples and families to and from Latin America.

For a summary of some of Latin Link's key ways of working, click 'read more' under the following sections. 

Multidirectional mission

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Most members of Latin Link serve in Latin American countries, across central and south America. But a growing number come from Latin America to serve in Britain and Ireland, and elsewhere in Europe. Members work with churches and Christian projects across many denominations, with people from different cultures.

Working cross-culturally can bring many benefits and blessings. A fresh perspective or different way of working can serve as a catalyst to bring new life to a needy situation. Finding the right person for a task can have a huge impact on a community. People, drawn by God’s calling, often find they flourish in a culture or country other than their own. This may mean working in a culturally different region of their home country or travelling to the other side of the world.

Country teams and mentors

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Providing a support network is crucial, so all members become part of the country team where they are serving. Although they may be geographically spread out, the team provides a strong community. They meet up at least once a year for a conference or retreat, as well as supporting and advising each other throughout the year.

All those serving on the Stride programme also have a mentor with whom they meet regularly. And short-term Step teams are looked after by locally-based supervisors. In many countries, Latin Link has a Short-Term Coordinator fulfilling these roles.

Short-term and longer-term impact

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Latin Link and its fore-runners have a long history of serving God to impact lives through Latin American mission, beginning in 1855 when Dr Robert Reid Kalley went to Brazil.

Latin Link is committed to both short and longer-term mission. Members are sent and received on three programmes, Step, Stride and Stay, serving from two weeks up to a lifetime, and anything in between!

Longer-term members, through Stay and Stride, are placed with a local church or project. They have time to get to grips with the culture and form deep relationships, helping to bring significant transformation to the local community.

Short-term Step teams and Stride student placements are also carefully planned with the church or project where they will serve, to ensure their work is part of the long-term sustainable vision of the local Christians. In this way, short-term mission can benefit the local community and encourage the church, as well as impacting those that go to serve.

Working in partnership

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Latin Link is not just interested in individual members, but in genuine partnership and relationship with churches, projects and a host of other organisations and agencies, in the selection, training, sending, placement and care of personnel. 

We work closely with churches in Britain and Ireland who send or receive mission workers, sharing the care and support of those called to cross-cultural mission. Mission placements in Latin America are always arranged in partnership with local churches and projects, to ensure that they serve real needs and are carried out effectively and sustainably, in a culturally appropriate way. 

Latin Link as a whole is also part of various larger mission networks, which facilitate the broader sharing of ideas and development of mission work.

At a national and continental level, Latin Link International (of which Latin Link Britain and Ireland is one part) has formed strong relationships with mission networks and groups. Find out more about these networks here. If you represent one of these networks and we can serve you in some way, please contact us.

A multitude of ministries

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Members use their gifts, knowledge and skills to serve where there are needs that have been identified by a Latin Link country team, project, institution or church with which we have a relationship. They serve in diverse ways, but all are sent to share God’s love by addressing specific needs. Their roles include:

• training church leaders • restorative justice and prison ministry • supporting children at risk • counselling • church planting • writing Bible materials for young people • lecturing in Bible colleges • discipling students • environment and creation care • mobilising the Latin American church for mission and much more!

All serve to bring glory to God and to transform lives, as his kingdom is built. You can read about some of their stories on our impact page.

A community of supporters

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Prayer is a vital element of support. We have individuals and groups, particularly in Latin America and Europe, praying for the work of members.

Members are self-funded, so they also need financial support. Latin Link is a registered charity in Britain, and funds are channelled through our Reading office, providing a secure way for people to donate.

If you would like to find out more about how we work, take a look at the Latin Link films.