Money raised through Indoor Expeditions will be used to fund projects that are providing care and support to vulnerable Latin American communities affected by Covid-19. Projects like:

AMI San Lucas, Guatemala

AMI San Lucas is a community development project that works in rural towns and villages in the Sololá department of Guatemala. Most people here work in agriculture to scrape a living for their families, or work in tourism around Lake Atitlan. Because of a nationwide lockdown and curfew, many families are unable to work; those that rely on daily work have struggled to feed their families. The government has provided some support, but many people in dire need are not receiving anything.

AMI San Lucas is using their wide circle of contacts to assess the needs of individuals and families in the communities and is channeling donations to provide food parcels and emergency supplies to those most in need.

The care of Venezuelan migrants, Colombia

In recent years, thousands of Venezuelan migrants have fled to Colombia because of the instability in Venezuela. But now, with strict lockdowns in place, many are unable to work and cannot afford to live. Without support, they are faced with homelessness or returning to their home countries, on foot.

There are several church projects working hard to support Venezuelan migrants - providing food, support with health care, and basic accommodation. But these projects have limited funding and resources.

Door of Hope, Guatemala

Puerta de Esperanza (Door of Hope) are based in Guatemala City and normally work with children who live and work in the main bus station/ market area. With no schools open at the moment, they have suspended their normal activities but recognise the urgent needs around them.

The government has a curfew in place, which means that those who normally live on the streets were being arrested. In response, Puerta de Esperanza have rearranged their building into a night shelter for these people. They are asking for donations of filtered water, cleaning products to disinfect the area every day, medicines, clothes and masks, as well as mattresses, and food.

Anything you raise through Indoor Expeditions will make a huge difference to families and communities in need. Thank you for your vital support!

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