Latin Link has produced a number of films to illustrate and explain the work we do.


How is Latin Link working out God’s mission, and how can you be a part of it? A fast-paced three-minute introduction to our ministry which offers a glimpse of how Latin Link is impacting the world today, as well as how to get more involved.

Shot over 28 days in 3 countries, the following films were a co-production between Latin Link and Ian Gibbons of Panvista Productions

Latin Link

This film tells the stories of some of our Latin Link members who work alongside Latin American communities to see God’s kingdom come. 

Latin Link (short)

A shorter version of our main film about Latin Link and the work we do in Latin America.


This film explains our short-term programme for teams (Step), giving a glimpse into the lives of two teams and those who received them in Latin America. 


This film tells the stories of some of those who have been on a Strider placement – families and individuals working alongside Latin Americans for 6–24 months in a variety of different projects.

Why pray and give?

Hear from some of our members about why they value the support they receive, both financially and through prayer. 

Films featuring longer-term (Stay) members

New life in the Andes

Hear about the life and work of Latin Link members Ian and Juliana Horne, working with Quechua communities in the mountains near Cusco, Peru. They train and support isolated church leaders, help with rural community development and work with abandoned elderly Quechua people.

At the heart of community transformation

Hear about the life and ministries of Latin Link members Roland and Jenny Brown, who work alongside Latin Americans in micro-finance, community development and environmental projects to help see God’s kingdom come in Cusco, Peru. 


Before retiring, Latin Link member Ruth Green oversaw the Shalom Centre in Arequipa, Peru, which caters for children with special needs. Her work involved direct contact with the children, their mothers and Arequipa’s International College, of which Shalom is a social aid project. This short film gives a taste of the work of this ministry, which continues after Ruth’s retirement.

A different view of short-term mission

Short Term Coordinators (STCs) are key to finding and coordinating projects and supporting the placement of Step teams and Striders. In this short film, Paul and Ruth Turner talk about their roles as the STCs in Peru, and the impact that has had from a Peruvian perspective.