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Latin Nights are a great way to raise awareness and support for Latin mission. Just contact us for your free Latin Nights resource pack.

This will provide ideas and resources to help you introduce people to Latin Link and Latin America in a fun (and tasty!) way. (And it doesn't have to be at night!) 

Encourage people to come to your Latin Nights event by offering Latin American snacks and drinks

For example, you can encourage people to come to your Latin event by offering Latin American snacks and drinks.

What the pack contains...

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The free pack contains a DVD with videos, games, quizzes and recipes, plus leaflets to hand out. It's really flexible, so you can do things your own way and for as many or few people as you like. Use it at home with friends and family, with a small group, or with your whole church or CU - it's up to you!

How to use the pack...

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You can run your evening (or morning or afternoon...) however you like, but here's an example of how you could do it:

Set the atmosphere – play some Latin American music, lay out a colourful tablecloth and some Latin American trinkets eg, panpipes, if you have them.

Get eating and drinking – bring out the tortilla chips and salsa, brew some fresh Fairtrade Latin coffee and finish with some classic Fairtrade Latin chocolate (all available from most supermarkets).

Hit the quizzes – have lots of fun as you try to figure out your llamas from your alpacas! And who's flag is that?

 Watch the DVD – some great films of various lengths. Help your group to understand who Latin Link is, what we do, and how they can help.

Pray and give – finish with a time of prayer and give your group the opportunity to give financially to Latin Link.

Latin Nights is a fantastic way to have fun, build community, and support Latin American mission all at once!

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Thank you so much for your support.