Would you like to invest in the next generation of Latin mission? Please consider leaving a gift in your will to Latin Link. 

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A gift that lasts longer than a lifetime

5  reasons to leave a gift in your Will!

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1.  It continues God’s work after you’ve gone and helps the causes closest to your heart

Legacies are an amazing way to help the work you care about to be sustained and to develop far into the future.

2.  It demonstrates good stewardship

By leaving a legacy you are being a good steward of what God has given you. (Matthew 25:14-30)

3.  It can be a way of giving far more than you could in your lifetime

Many of us may not have much to give now, but we have a great deal of equity tied up in our home, for example, which can be a blessing to others in the future, when we no longer need it.

4.  It is tax efficient

Gifts to charity are free from inheritance tax. And from 2012, leaving some of your estate to charity may reduce the inheritance tax due on the rest.

5.  It is a wonderful way of giving thanks to God

You can thank God for what he has done by leaving a legacy and bless others in countless different ways!

Why legacies matter

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Over 150 years ago, Dr Robert Reid Kalley and his family arrived in Rio de Janeiro to become the first evangelical workers in Brazil. Since then, numerous pioneers of Latin mission have given themselves to a similar calling. Their legacy has been countless changed lives, thriving churches, and a community of contemporary mission workers called Latin Link.

Today, not only are many in Latin America hearing and experiencing the good news about Jesus, but many local churches are growing and maturing into vibrant, mission-sending congregations.

And tomorrow? There is still much to be done! The harvest is more plentiful than ever and the workers still relatively few. Bible training and teaching are essential, as is the sustained sending and receiving of mission workers with a dynamic understanding of what it means to share the love of God. 

Latin Link has always been a faith ministry and the Bible tells us that ‘faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.’ 

We are certain that God will use all of us to do even greater things, far into the future, as we trust him to provide for our needs.

No doubt you are making plans for your future too. Have you thought about making a Will as part of that? It’s so important to make careful provision for your loved ones. This could also be your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to Latin Link. A legacy that, like Robert Kalley’s, could further God’s kingdom beyond your wildest expectations. 

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

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If you haven’t yet made a Will, it is certainly advisable to do so, whatever your wishes about how your estate should be distributed. Sadly, very few people do this (around one in four adults in the UK). Everyone knows it’s a good idea, but like tidying out the shed, or making a dental appointment, they just don’t get round to doing it. 

If you are without family and haven’t made a Will, all your estate will pass to the Crown. Some people think - quite wrongly - that everything goes to their wife or husband if no Will exists. In fact, if you have children or other relatives, only a portion of the estate passes to your spouse. In England and Wales, the residue must be shared with children and other relatives. 

If you do not make a Will, then the law, not you, will decide who gets what, and that can be an expensive business with legal costs being paid from your estate. 

Peace of mind

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Making a Will now will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your affairs are in order, and that your loved ones will not be left with added stress during a time of grief. We know that planning for the future is important to you. It is also important to us in Latin Link. That is why we are taking the opportunity to share this information with you. We have been very blessed to receive legacy gifts in the past and receiving them in the future will continue to help us make long-term plans for ministry in Latin America and beyond.

Changing your Will

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Once you have a Will, you may wish to update it from time to time. Your circumstances may change – you might marry, your children grow up, you may change jobs, or experience bereavements. If you have already made a Will and wish to amend it to include a gift to Latin Link, this can be done simply by adding an amendment known as a Codicil. 

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If you would like more information we will be happy to send you our booklet Making and Changing a Will. This includes information on how to find a solicitor, how to make a Will for the first time or add a Codicil to an existing Will, information about Inheritance Tax, guardianship, and other helpful things to consider.

This booklet aims to give you information, not legal advice. Whether you are making a Will for the first time, or adding amendments to an existing Will, it is always best to consult with a solicitor. Please Contact Us to request your copy. 

We are so grateful for all the legacies we receive. Not only are they a great blessing to those in real need, they are also a lasting tribute to people like you, who have taken time to consider how best to serve God with all that you have, both now and in the future. Thank you!