Could you take part in a sponsored event in your areas to raise funds for Latin Link?

To set up your own fundraising page please click here, or to donate to someone who is doing a sponsored event please click here.

A fantastic team of runners took on the Lisburn Half Marathon and 10K races to raise funds for Latin Link's work in Ireland!

The race was a simple way for people to support Latin Link, without having to find space for another event in a busy church calendar. And we had great fun!

If you're interested in doing something similar, just get in touch!

We have lots of wonderful supporters doing other sponsored events to support Latin Link's work. Take a look at our Find a Fundraiser page to get some inspiration for what you could do! And please get in touch at 0118 957 7107 or [email protected] so we can provide resources to help, or just to share your ideas.

Thank you for your interest in taking part, to support Latin American mission.