Who we are

Latin Link is a ‘community with a calling’ to love and serve God and our neighbour, through multi-directional mission. This community includes over 140 serving members, from around 20 nations, in 15 Country Teams across Latin America, Britain and Ireland, and Europe. But we also see the people who support, through prayer and finance, as a vital part of the community. Latin Link could not do what we do without this crucial support.


We value partnership and linking, fellowship and friendship, listening and encouragement, availability and flexibility; accountability, sensitivity, sacrifice and humility; seeking after godliness and openness to the leading of the Spirit of God.

Our fundraising and finances are built on values of honesty, transparency and community. We want to be involved with God in his work, and to bring honour to him. Whether people are called to go, to give, or to pray, we believe that allowing people to follow their heart to fulfil a calling is how God uses Latin Link to achieve his purposes.

Fundraising Promise

Thank you for your trust in Latin Link. This is very important to us, so when you support us we promise to:

  1. Commit to high standards
    • We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator, and will adhere to the Fundraising Code of Practice and comply with the laws that apply to charities and fundraising
    • We will display the Fundraising Regulator badge on our fundraising material to show we are committed to good practice
    • As a Christian mission organisation, we want to demonstrate integrity and be God-honouring in all that we do, striving to deliver the highest standards of service to our supporters

  2. Be clear, honest and open
    • We will do what we say we’re going to do with your donations
    • We will keep you informed about Latin Link’s work and what we are achieving with the money you’ve given to us
    • We will be open and honest about our fundraising costs
    • Our complaints process will be easily accessible on our website (see below)
    • We are committed to keeping our fundraising costs as low as we can. Less than 4% of our income is used for fundraising. We don't spend money on big advertising campaigns. Our approach has always been to build interest in Latin Link’s mission through existing supporter relationships and their networks. We also identify supporters who may be both willing and able to make larger gifts to our work

  3. Be respectful
    • Our work is only possible because of the support of those who share our passion for the mission. We never forget that we are stewards of your generosity and trust in us. We will respect your rights and privacy and we have made our Privacy Policy accessible so that you can get the key points quickly
    • Your personal data is something you have entrusted us with. So, we will look after your data securely (see section 7 of the Privacy Policy). We will never sell your data to third parties
    • We will always have a legal basis to process your data under data protection regulations, and will adhere to all legal requirements when sending you fundraising materials. (See section 6 of the Privacy Policy)
    • If you tell us you don't want us to contact you in a particular way, we will not do so. We will work with the Telephone, Mail and Fundraising Preference Services to ensure that those who choose not to receive specific types of communications will not receive them from us
    • We will take care not to use any words or images that mislead, or intentionally cause distress or anxiety
    • We will never put anyone under pressure to make a gift. We believe that our supporters should have time to make decisions about what they want to give so that the giver can delight in the giving, mirroring Paul's advice in 2 Corinthians 9. If you do not want to give or wish to cease giving, we will respect your decision
    • We recognise that some supporters may be in vulnerable circumstances for a whole variety of reasons ranging from mental health issues, through to dementia or bereavement, and we will take care to serve them appropriately

  4. Be accountable and responsible
    • We will steward our resources responsibly. Our funding comes from a combination of income that we generate largely from individuals, churches and charitable trusts.  We are committed to communicating the impact of the work to all our supporters in ways that will build trust and deepen relationships
    • We value you, your support and your opinions. So, we want you to feel that you can get in touch with us. We will always make it easy for you to contact us and we are on hand to answer your questions. Our aim is to deliver a warm, friendly and personal service in a timely and reliable way. We aim to give you the right answers first time

We hope you'll never need to complain because we set high standards for ourselves. However, if you are unhappy with anything we've done, please contact us to tell us. We will listen to feedback and be responsive. Sometimes things go wrong, and you may want to make a formal complaint. If this happens, we will respond fully. Our Fundraising Complaints Procedure will let you know who to contact if you feel that our response is unsatisfactory.

Thank you for your support.