Route 5: Torres del Paine


Torres del Paine is a UNESCO-World heritage site in Southern Chile; a very popular national park encompassing mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers. For this expedition, you'll hike the full circuit (called the 'O' Trek), an extreme hike and one of the most breath-taking hiking routes in Patagonia. This is a BIG trek, so take time to plan your route properly and include some rest days! 

Expedition details

Distance to travel: 100 kilometres 

Suggested duration: 10-14 days

Here's a list of apps to help track distance or steps:

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  1. This is the longest of our Indoor Expeditions. You could cover it with a mixture of walking, running, or cycling!
  2. Plan it over a few weeks, or even a month if you need to! It's a huge distance to cover.
  3. If you're looking for the full Torres del Paine experience, finish your day's trek by toasting marshmallows over the fire while watching the stars! You could also camp out in your garden (British weather dependant!)  

Before you begin

Before getting started with any of our Indoor Expeditions, make sure you've thought it all through. Here are a few useful tips:

    • It's important that you maintain social distancing, so if you're using your daily exercise allowance, avoid busy areas.
    • Make sure you've got a water bottle with you to avoid dehydrating.
    • Apply sun cream if you're outside, even on a cloudy day!
    • If you're attempting the trek around your house, clear away any trip hazards.
    • Use sensible footwear at all times.
    • Plan your route in advance.

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