Graham and Debbie Frith have found that expressing the love of Jesus through practical assistance and support as well as words is key in reaching out to students in Bolivia.

Image of students studying in a classroom in BoliviaIn Bolivia, being in university is a struggle: we recently heard that only 10 per cent of students actually complete their degrees.

This is where El Alfarero (The Potter) project comes in. Started in 2001 in Sucre, Bolivia, and since then adding a second project in Santa Cruz in 2014, the aim is to provide a safe place where students can receive acceptance and support, and have their needs met on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Each day, El Alfarero impacts the lives of hundreds of students through its youth café, but the range of services offered includes discipleship groups, a counselling centre, a pregnancy crisis centre, a refuge for young women at risk, a day-care centre, a library, and a range of courses and training opportunities.

Working with students in Bolivia is a tremendous opportunity to impact the future of the nation, while also being a resource for the Church. Students are the future leaders of business and government, and the Church is the means through which God will transform the nation. God is moving, making students aware of their emotional and spiritual needs as they search for a deeper meaning and reality. El Alfarero provides a context within which evangelism is natural and easy, and lives are constantly being transformed.

Image of Kely Moya, an ex-student in BoliviaKely Moya, now a lawyer, says: ‘I arrived at El Alfarero desperate because of my pregnancy. Despite coming from a Christian family, the shame of being pregnant caused me to consider having an abortion. What caused me to change my mind was the love and lack of condemnation that they showed me in the El Alfarero refuge. They prayed for me for months, and for my decision. They helped me to take wise decisions, and when my child was born, they helped me through the childcare services too. Now I am happily married, with three lovely children and a loving and responsible husband. I am amazed how El Alfarero has impacted and saved so many lives.’