Welcome to the Week of Prayer!

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From the 17-24 May 2020, we’re providing daily prayer material and resources to help our whole community pray for particular needs within Latin Link. This is a time to join as one in prayer.

We encourage you to pray in whatever way you feel most comfortable, whether it's conversational, contemplative, artistic, or active, we believe God loves it when we spend time with him and that he wants to respond.

If you enjoy a little more direction, we've prepared an optional Week of Prayer challenge series, which offers daily challenges and ideas to make your prayer journey as interactive as possible! Click below for more.

Take the challenge!

Listed below are the specific prayer themes for each day of the week. Click 'read more' below each day to see what's involved.

Monday | Praying for Latin Link members

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Latin Link mission workers

Latin Link has around 150 mission workers, involved in a wide range of ministries throughout Latin America and Europe. There are doctors, counsellors, pastors and children’s workers; the list continues! We strongly believe that the work they’re involved in must stand on a solid foundation of prayer. They rely on the prayerful support of all those in the Latin Link community. So today, we invite you to pray for them: for boldness, wisdom, encouragement and faith to continue when the road ahead seems tough.

Each year, Latin Link produces its Prayer Calendar, listing all our  mission worker and the role they play. We encourage you to use this resource to guide your prayers today.

Optional challenge
Praying in 3’s: Using the Latin Link Prayer Calendar, choose 3 individuals and commit to praying for them 3 times during the day, for a total of 3 minutes. (That could be a minute at breakfast, lunch and dinner!)

Suggested resources: Latin Link Prayer Calendar

Tuesday | Praying for the 12 teams of Latin Link

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The 12 teams of Latin Link

Latin Link operates in a team structure. It’s made up of 12 teams within Latin America and Europe. Some teams cover more than one country, like our very own Britain and Ireland team.

Every team is faced with its own challenges and opportunities; for some, team members are spread out 1000’s mile apart, limiting communication and face to face meeting. For others, country-specific issues relating to politics, economy or the environment, make work very demanding.

Each team has an assigned Team Leader, who takes responsibility for the mission workers in their countries. All 12 Team Leaders have all outlined some of the key prayer needs within their country[ies], available in the suggested resources below. We invite you to read through their words and prayer together for God’s hand on the people and projects they’re serving.

Optional challenge
Bake off: Choose a Latin Link country team and prepare a traditional meal/snack from that country. Pray for the same country team just before you enjoy your meal!

Suggested resources: Prayer material + recipe ideas

Wednesday | Praying for those On the Move

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On the Move

Millions of people are forced to leave their countries and search for safety, employment and other opportunities elsewhere. Whether it’s wars, economic downfall, environmental concerns or something entirely different, we’re living in a time of vast global migration. Even now, while many national borders are closed, people are still forced into situations where migration is the only viable option.

This year, Latin Link has been giving emphasis to this global crisis. Much of our material, including our recent edition of Latinfile, has touched on themes of migration. And today, as part of this week of prayer, we ask you to join together in solidarity and prayer for all those who are currently on the move through no choice of their own.

If you’d like to pray through this theme with family, church or even just during private devotional times, then please use our On the Move Bible series, which provide key stories, insight and many prayer points.

Optional challenge
Prayers on the stairs: Today is about recognising the journey that so many people are forced to make, so for this challenge, spend some time thinking an praying as you get On the Move yourself. For every accent you make up your stairs today, all you have to do is pray. Live in a bungalow? ‘Prayer on the chairs’ works just as well… pray every time you get up off your chair!

Suggested resources: On the Move Bible series + Latinfile Spring 2020

Thursday | Praying for the Latin Link leaders' meeting

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Leaders' meeting

Prior to national lockdowns and travel restrictions, Latin Link Team Leaders and Short Term Coordinators intended to come together this November in Argentina for a series of vision meetings. A final decision as to whether this will be held in person or online will be reached in the coming months. Today we ask you to pray that, regardless of location, this meeting would highlight God’s plan for the future movements of Latin Link. Pray that leaders would honour him and remain attentive to his voice throughout discussions and planning.

Optional challenge
Fly me to Argentina: While praying for the leaders' meeting to take place in Argentina, it might help to visualise it! Here's one way to do that...  paper aeroplanes! (Or should we say, pray-per aeroplanes). 
1. Make your best paper plane 2. Mark out a target (call it Argentina) 3. Fly your plane to Argentina!

Friday | Praying for the International Assembly

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International Assembly

Every four years, all Latin Link mission workers are invited to attend the week-long International Assembly. We believe this time together is crucial for building and maintaining community, for encouraging one another, and ensuring our missional efforts align with God’s heart. Although the next Assembly isn’t due until 2022, we acknowledge the potential future difficulties with travel restrictions and mass gatherings.

Today, we ask you to pray in two ways. Firstly, that God would provide opportunities when the time is right to meet together as one; and secondly, that regardless of future possibilities, God would bless our communication as an organisation; that as a family of mission workers, donors, supporters and onlookers, Latin Link would continue to be a ‘community with a calling’, at this time as much as any other.

Optional challenge
Mind your language: International assemblies bring people together from all around the world, so language barriers can sometimes be an issue! Prayer and worship might be universal forms of communication, but it still helps to speak the same language from time to time. For this challenge, you'll need to learn how to pray the Lord’s prayer in another language! Use the PDF below.

Suggested resources: The Lord's Prayer (various languages)

Saturday | Praying against coronavirus

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Much like the rest of the world, Latin Link has witnessed the severe impact of Covid-19. Short term members have been evacuated, other members are unable to return to their serving countries; some projects have closed, and others have a completely new focus. The impact on some Latin American communities have been devastating. With borders closed, industry at a standstill, and national curfews in place, many jobs and lives have been lost and many people are experiencing greater need than before. It’s a situation that demands our prayer.

Over the past month, we’ve been creating a video series called the Global Sofa. This has been a platform for our mission workers to tell the world what their country of service is experiencing, to talk about the specific challenges and needs, and to call on us to pray. Today, we encourage you simply to watch one of these video interviews and pray with them.

Optional challenge
Wash and pray: We’re all washing our hands a lot more than we used to. You might have tried the happy birthday handwashing method, but here’s our take on it. Say a quick prayer every time you wash you hands! There are plenty of points in the Global Sofa interviews to inspire your prayers.

Suggested resources: Global Sofa

A final prayer

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and goodness. Thank you for being with us and for us. Thank you for your continued blessing on the Latin Link community. Fill us with your peace and humility, as we daily depend on you. Fill us with your grace and compassion, as we grieve with those who grieve. Fill us with your love and mercy, as we seek to respond in your name to those in need around us. Keep us close to you, that we might lead others to you. In your name we pray, Amen.

Paul Turner, Latin Link International Team Leader

Thank you for taking part in this year's Latin Link Week of Prayer. If you have any questions, or want to request further prayer resources, please get do in touch. We're here to help | e. [email protected] | t. 0118 957 7100