What is Step?

Step is Latin Link’s short-term programme for teams. It has been running since 1985 and has helped send over 3,000 people to serve God in Latin America and Spain. 

Step teams have the opportunity to share God’s love in a very tangible way as they live and work alongside Latin Americans, offering their support through practical and community-based projects.

Through Step we want to make the idea of serving in Latin America inviting, by offering the security of being part of a team experience. Step is not only a great way to serve God in another country but it also gives you the chance to explore what mission in Latin America or Spain might look like. Our dream would be for Step to be just the beginning of a longer adventure!


Latin Link is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2017-18.  Find out more.


The Aims of Step

Whether helping children at risk in Guatemala or building a Sunday school in a shantytown in Peru, the aim of Step is to:

 Share and show the love of God by serving the Latin American church through a practical or community-based project.
 Encourage individuals to grow in their faith and to seek God’s purpose for their life as they serve cross culturally.
 Enthuse individuals with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through both word and deed whether at home or in another country.
 Support the Latin American church in their ongoing ministry in Latin America and worldwide, whilst actively seeking to learn from them.

At Latin Link we are keen to open up the opportunity of mission in Latin America to as wide a community as possible. Therefore, whether you want to be part of a team as an individual, as part of a church or CU group, as a family, or as a married couple, we hope to have a Step team for you.

So what's it actually like being part of a Step team?

It’s half past eight in the morning. The traffic outside has been going for about two hours already, with roaring buses and buzzing mopeds wafting their noxious fumes up to our windows…
During our time on our building project, we stayed in Tupac Amaru, Pisco, with a Peruvian called Felipe, affectionately known as our Peruvian uncle. Our mission, having chosen to accept it, was to help a team of 2-3 local builders to build a church in the nearby village of Toscania...
People keep asking me “How was Brazil? What was it like?” In fact, they ask me so often that I should probably have answers prepared by now. It’s hard because it’s really difficult to describe the feeling of stepping off the plane knowing that this is life for four months...
The team spent five weeks working alongside the Christian Unions in Trinidad, Potosí and La Paz/El Alto to reach out to students. As they toured Bolivia they performed dramas, lost their team-mates, had snow (and Christmas!), encouraged CU members, threw cake at each other and preached the Gospel...