Relationship, partnership and network are key words for Latin Link

Latin Link is not just interested in individual members, but in genuine partnership and relationship with churches, projects and a host of other organisations and agencies, in the selection, training, sending, placement and care of personnel.

Image of Strider talking to a local motherPlacing people for fruitfulness

In seeking personnel, Latin Link works with churches and Christian training centres to see how we can help them release people into fruitful mission. 

In placing workers, Latin Link works with ministries across denominations and in different Christian contexts. We also seek to match professionals with needs, so that they can use their skills and experience to the maximum effect.

The Britain and Ireland office works alongside Latin Link leaders of the various country teams to match workers to organisations and projects in their country.

Partnership with Britain and Ireland churches

Key to successful placements is the partnership between Latin Link and churches in Britain and Ireland.

You can find out more about this partnership works here

Such partnerships can work both ways, with churches sending workers to Latin America and/or receiving workers from Latin America. St Mark's Harrogate is an example of a church that both sends and receives workers with Latin Link. You can read the St Mark's story here

You can also read other partnership stories in the Church stories section.

Partnerships in Latin America

There are numerous examples of successful partnerships and placements in Latin America. Here are four that illustrate the breadth of what is available:

More information about how Latin Link works with churches in Britain and Ireland can be found here.

Working at national and continental levels

At a national and continental level, Latin Link International (of which Latin Link Britain and Ireland is one part) has formed strong relationships with mission networks and groups. Find out more about these networks here. If you represent one of these networks and we can serve you in some way, please contact us.

In placing people, Latin Link makes formal partnership agreements at international and national levels as appropriate, as well as other more fluid arrangements between individual Latin Link members and the churches or projects they work with.

There is the possibility of Latin Link cooperating with other groups, including business sponsors who may want a focus for their commitment to social responsibility and are willing to identify with Latin Link and its aims.  

So please have a look at Who we are, How we work and Going with us, and get in touch with your ideas about how we might work together.