There are a number of mission organisations working in and out of Latin America: one of them is Latin Link. Each has its own distinctives, each provides its own strengths.

Here are a few reasons why you might choose Latin Link.

Latin America

Latin Link is one of the few mission agencies focused solely on service in and out of Latin America. We have had many decades to build up our knowledge and expertise in the region, and are able to draw on that as we help you to find your place.

Opportunities to make a difference

Image of a Strider leading English language teaching in Chile

A key aspect of our work is to make a difference where we serve.

This is most often at a local level, helping to transform local communities through serving the local church or organisation.

But it can also be at a higher level – influencing and impacting society and the prevailing culture through work with regional and national organisations.

So as you do your placement, you can be assured that you are making a difference and your time and efforts are being well used.

Short-term (Step) teams

Image of young woman laying a brick wall

We have over 25 years of experience in organising and sending short-term teams on mission.

Each team is sent to help with projects and organisations that have been checked and vetted to ensure that the work the team does is beneficial to the community.

That means you will have a positive and worthwhile Step experience.

Find out more about our current Step teams.

Placements (Stride) and projects to suit you

Image of Strider teaching in ChileWherever possible, we seek to match where you serve with your experience, skill set and calling.

During the application process, we will ascertain your desires, vision and expertise and then attempt to place you in a project where you can best fulfil all your aims in an environment that uses your qualities.

Find out more about the Stride programme.

In-country support networks

Whichever countries we work in, Latin Link partners with local, national and continental networks of Christians. We aim to work with the local churches to help them meet their needs and aims. So you are always part of something bigger. Image of two students engaging in conversation

Also, in whichever country you are placed, you will be part of a Latin Link country team. This country team will give you a support network, through which you will receive thorough orientation to your new country and ongoing support while in-country.

If you are on a Stride placement, through your country team you will also be given a mentor, who will meet with you regularly to check on how you are doing and to pray with you.

Support from Britain and Ireland

Serving with Latin Link, you will receive the benefit of a fully equipped administrative team. This team will help you with all the practical aspects of serving in Latin America, including areas such as finances, communications, visas, travel etc.

Before you go you will be given the opportunity to attend an orientation, which will give you vital information about Latin America and serving there as a mission worker.