Work with vulnerable women and families

Where: Nicaragua

Starting: September 2018

Duration: 9 months

Application deadline: 30 April 2018


Project outline

We have several opportunities in Nicaragua for Striders looking to work with vulnerable women and families. We have good links with projects who help women who have been involved in prostitution, and others who help support families who live in and around a rubbish dump. The work often involves pastoral visits, and workshops teaching new skills for sustainable employment. As the work is highly relational, a longer placement of 9 months is preferable.


You'll be placed with a Latin American host family, which is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. Latin Americans are very hospitable so you'll most likely become a real part of the family!

You will have everything you need, but expect fairly basic and cosy accommodation as placements are often in areas/communities of need


We think it is of utmost importance to prepare our volunteers well and so hold a compulsory Orientation for all those wishing to serve in Latin America. 
It is a residential Orientation weekend (Friday-Sunday) so food and accommodation will be provided and the cost covered by your launch costs - all you need to do is get there!

Orientation for 2018 will be held just outside Reading from 22nd - 24th June.

How much does it cost?

All placements are self-funded. The total cost of your placement will depend on a number of factors (where you're going/ how long for) but below is an overview of how costs are calculated:

Paid to
Launch cost Latin Link Application process, DBS, health checks and advice, residential Orientation, debriefing, fundraising support  £1400
Monthly contribution Latin Link Insurance, mentoring, supervision, placement set-up, team days and conference

£175/ month 

(£1050 for 6 months)

Flights Travel agent Flexible return flight ~£800
Living costs In country Food, accommodation, transport, communication etc.


(~£3000 for 6 months)

How to apply

Click here to download our application form. 
Complete it, save it to your computer and email it as an attachment to [email protected]

  Stride Application Form

Any questions?

If you have any more questions then why not visit our Student Placement FAQs or contact us on [email protected]?